Towing companies are Making a Killing

Breaking news! I just found out that towing companies are making a killing with storage companies. Apparently they have devised a way to help empty storage units that have been seized.

John and Charlie of thought of a way to make extra money by using their flat bed trucks as trash haulers.

We have all seen a typical dump truck where when it is lifted the contents come spilling out right? Well a tow truck does the same thing when it has to load and unload a car.

John is pretty handy with a torch and steel and he constructed a low level dumpster that can be lifted and dropped onto the flat bed. Then it gets tied down by heavy duty strapping. Magic! It is now a dump truck!

John told me that they were always looking for ways to utilize their trucks for more than just hauling cars and this makes it happen.

They told me they 3 to 5 storage units a month and are looking to lock up a few more storage companies to work with.

What a novel idea that truly is a American idea.

Is it all just crap?

I often wonder this. Does all the stuff we carry around just really a load of crap? I know if it is something that is desired or rare it makes it valuable but I mean a playing card can be worth millions? It is just a piece of paper.

I was watching a storage wars they were filming in Tampa Florida and they were saying at one point that 90% of the storage units they went through literally went into the trash. My how much money went down the drain storing all that crap.

I have been thinking of maybe redirecting this site differently and making it into a support group for chronic storage folks. I think it would probably get some traction and help some people possibly.

Anyway it is something to ponder. Crap is something we deal with.

One man’s junk is another man’s………

Our definition of junk can have many variations. I see a case with tubes in it while a musician sees age and rarity that makes it valuable to him. Can I use it as a table?

We all like certain things that others don’t. My good friend loves old bikes. He always means to restore them but he is too busy with his business. Since I am not that subject let’s give him some more! You can find him at  He does an amazing job at cleaning carpet and tile.

Anyway he has these bikes all filling up his garage and it is insane because they are not worth the space they are taking. But he won’t get rid of them. To him they are a treasure. I am afraid to ask him if that is the only place he is storing junk, I mean treasure.

My Mom is the worst. She is so bad that I have thrown away things of hers on occasion and she never missed it or mentioned it again. She has stuff that is so old and decrepit that she has paid to keep in storage for years. The amount of money it staggering. 5 years of storage. Do you know how many living room sets you can buy with that? A new car even!

There is some kind of psychological issue going on in our heads here. And what about me?

Everything that is important to me is all in two bins. Yep that’s it. Two rubber made bins. Sure I have stashes of things laying around but but all could disappear and I would be fine with it.

One thing is for certain is I will never allow myself to get to the point where I need a storage unit unless I get a muscle car to restore.

I have heard that it is something detrimental to health when considering getting rid of stuff. But consider what it is doing to your health hanging onto it.

In the end it is your choice. Place a real value number on it and make the hard choice. You only live once and no matter how you like to believe it is different for you, it isn’t.

Welcome Storage Junkies!

storage unitHey you all thanks for stopping by and seeing what this is all about.

It has become clear to me that as a society we have become very attached to our possessions. Especially in the western more industrialized world. I wonder why this is? What kind of cerebral thing is going on here?

In my next post I want to get into some statistics and share a little of what I think may be the issue. It will be fun and fascinating. Stay Tuned!

In the meantime save this site to your favorites and keep checking in.

Till next time you storage fanatics!