Towing companies are Making a Killing

Breaking news! I just found out that towing companies are making a killing with storage companies. Apparently they have devised a way to help empty storage units that have been seized.

John and Charlie of thought of a way to make extra money by using their flat bed trucks as trash haulers.

We have all seen a typical dump truck where when it is lifted the contents come spilling out right? Well a tow truck does the same thing when it has to load and unload a car.

John is pretty handy with a torch and steel and he constructed a low level dumpster that can be lifted and dropped onto the flat bed. Then it gets tied down by heavy duty strapping. Magic! It is now a dump truck!

John told me that they were always looking for ways to utilize their trucks for more than just hauling cars and this makes it happen.

They told me they 3 to 5 storage units a month and are looking to lock up a few more storage companies to work with.

What a novel idea that truly is a American idea.

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